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ramona poenaru photo universitarium

Universitarium [a photographic collection]
serie of 7 portraits
with interim-équipe d'artistes in the frame of Libre Circulation (Free circulation) a residency at the University of Nantes
- Le Voyage à Nantes, 2012

ramona poenaru - meeting portraits Meeting portraits
serie of 30 photographs
production Sweet & tender Collaborations/SKITE /2007

exhibited at
Le Manège, Reims/Fr, 09/2007
Espace des arts-Scène nationale, Chalons/Saone/FR, 11/2007
Block Skin
digital prints on diverse media, various sizes (12 pieces)
made at Sagamie, Alma (Québec)/Ca, 04/2005

exhibited at Langage Plus Alma (Québec)/Ca, 04-05/2005
Post festum(a polyphonic performance)
c-print, 120 cm x 50 cm
made at Sagamie - Alma (Québec)/Ca, 04/2005

exhibited at Langage Plus Alma (Québec)/Ca, 04-05/2005
She had...
photographic triptych + text

exhibited at the Biennale of Photo and Visual Arts, Liège/Be, 02/2004
January, the 12th
24 colour photographs, 30 x 20 cm each

privat collection
Instantaneum (installation)
photographic installation

the vestiges of a photographic performance
320 photocopies BW, 320 boxes

exhibited at
La Laiterie - European Centre for the young Creation, Strasbourg, 06/2002